Tara Kirkpatrick

Tara Kirkpatrick has been designing and making jewellery since 1997. Circles, spirals and round balls and dots feature in many of the pieces. She likes to produce collections that you can add to with variations of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets to suit your style, whether that is simple and subtle to bold and definite.  

Tara studied in Manchester then went on to study at Birmingham School of Jewellery and after flitting around LonTara Kirkpatrick a designer for Silverbypostdon, France and America before settling back in Manchester. She now works from her workshop a little south of Manchester, in Knutsford, Cheshire. She goes to work every day with her faithful border collie, Banjo, who helps immensely.  All the pieces in the collections we are featuring are all made individually by hand starting with various shapes of wire and manipulated with love and ingenuity. The Wire Balls Range consists of knots of silver, ingeniously woven into over 40 variations of open mesh balls, the latest of which include pearls, dark peacock adpearls and sapphires.  These highly affordable contemporary classics can be worn for any occasion and make perfect special gifts.

A sparkling collection, The Droplets Range is reminiscent of icicles melting into a cascade of clear droplets.  They can be all silver, all gold, or a combination of both and precious gems can be included to add a touch of colour and panache.  Droplets can be worn every day, or on special occasions.  They make a perfect bridal collection, where bride and bridesmaids can match each other.

Ball and Chain Necklace Tara Kirkpatrick £179.00
Endless Dots Double Bangle Tara Kirkpatrick £119.00 £155.00
Endless Dots Hoop Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £55.00 £69.00

Endless Dots Spiral Drop Earrings Tara Kirkpatrick £38.00
Silver Spiral Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £95.00
Silver Twist Bracelet Tara Kirkpatrick £159.00

Silver Twist Drop Earrings Tara Kirkpatrick Sold Out
Silver Twist Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £52.00
Three Ball Triple Silver Bangle Tara Kirkpatrick £149.00 £189.00

Twist Stud Earrings Tara Kirkpatrick £45.00
Wire Ball Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £58.00