Designer Silver by PostSlverbypost was originally founded in 2013 and is co-owned by husband and wife team Lindsay and Jane Kidd. The whole idea was born out of a simple desire to introduce you to stunning pieces of contemporary silver jewellery that you might not necessarily be able to find anywhere else.  We love and are passionate about modern silver jewellery and we will be showcasing specially selected designers as well as elegant, stylish items beautifully packaged under the Silverbypost brand. 

This is a family run business that prides itself not only on the quality, design and range of the jewellery on offer but also on our excellent customer service. We will always value you as a customer and will always strive to make your shopping experience a happy and fruitful one. 

Amber Art Comet Pendant Silverbypost £35.00
Amber Art Trilogy Wave Pendant Silverbypost £35.00
Amber Flames Pendant SilverbyPost £23.00

Anemone Flower Pendant Silverbypost £50.00
Anemone Flower Stud Earrings Silverbypost Sold Out
Bangle with Tanzanite Silverbypost £165.00

Banyan Double Lily Necklace Banyan Sold Out
Banyan Lily Bangle with Brass Banyan £81.00
Banyan Silver Amethyst and Pearl Drop Earring Banyan Sold Out

Banyan Silver Gold Filled Zirconia Pendant Banyan £64.00
Banyan Silver Lily Pendant Banyan £86.00
Bermuda Triangle Earrings Silverbypost Sold Out

Black Leather & Silver Tube Bracelet Silverbypost £51.00
Black Leather & Silver Tube Necklace Silverbypost £45.00
Blackened Skull Cufflinks Silverbypost £55.00 £95.00

Blackened Sterling Silver Cufflinks Silverbypost Sold Out £90.00
Blank Card from Silver by Post Silverbypost Free of charge
Bracelet with Silver Discs Silverbypost Sold Out

Bubble Band Cufflinks Silverbypost £65.00
Chain Reaction Bracelet Silverbypost £55.00
Chris Lewis Pattern Necklace SilverbyPost Sold Out

Circles Pendant with Onyx Silverbypost £65.00
Circular Twig Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out
Circular Twig Stud Earrings Silverbypost Sold Out

Cobble Oval Cufflinks Silverbypost Sold Out £70.00
Concave Cluster Pendant Silverbypost £40.00
Concave Textured Circle Pendant Silverbypost £53.00

Crossroads Bangle Silverbypost Sold Out
Cut Heart Stud Earrings Silverbypost £35.00
Cut Out Heart Earrings Silverbypost £20.00

Designer Silver Ring Silverbypost Sold Out
Disc Drop Earrings with Bauble Silverbypost £45.00
Double Pebble Drop Earrings Silverbypost £36.00

Drilled Textured Cufflinks Silverbypost £46.00 £55.00
Elemental Bangle Silverbypost £110.00
Entwined Silver & Brass Ring Silverbypost £40.00

Fireworks Earrings Silverbypost Sold Out
Fireworks Necklace Silverbypost Sold Out
Fish Bone Earrings Silverbypost £31.00

Five Petal Silver Pendant Silverbypost £48.00
Fob and Heart Bracelet Silverbypost £72.00
Hammered Drop Stud Earrings Silverbypost £46.00

Hammered Heart Ring Silverbypost £65.00
Hammered Silver Oval Cufflinks Silverbypost £50.00
Hammered Stepping Stone Bracelet Silverbypost £137.00

Hammered Tube Bracelet on Black Leather Silverbypost £129.00
Heart Design Drop Earrings Silverbypost £17.92
Helter Skelter Drop Earrings Silverbypost Sold Out

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