Silver Pendants

Pendants from Silver by Post. Our specially selected collection of sterling silver pendants are perfect for updating or refreshing any look. Choose from simple and classic designs or something more dramatic and modern. Whatever the occasion we’re sure that you’ll find something to suit.

Curved Heart Cluster Pendant Chris Lewis Sold Out
Silver Polished Heart Pendant Rachel Galley Sold Out
Endless Dots Hoop Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £55.00 £69.00

Geometric Silver Pendant Chris Lewis £70.00
Leaf Pendulum Pendant Chris Lewis £69.00
Pebbles Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out

Poppy Pendulum Pendant Chris Lewis £75.00
Silver Molten Lava Pendant Silverbypost £39.00
White Pearl Wire Pendant Silverbypost £30.00

Silver Twist Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £52.00
Silver Spiral Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £95.00
Mini Spiral Pendant Silverbypost £43.00

Silver Nest Ball Pendant Chris Lewis £50.00
Wire Ball Pendant Tara Kirkpatrick £58.00
Allegro Silver Strand Pendant Rachel Galley Sold Out

Allegro Silver Mini Pendant Rachel Galley £75.00
Anemone Flower Pendant Silverbypost £50.00
Angel Wings Pendant Reeves & Reeves Sold Out

Brown Tigers Eye Pendant Reeves & Reeves £40.00
Calla Lily Pendant Collette Waudby £75.00 £85.00
Circles Pendant with Onyx Silverbypost £65.00

Circular Twig Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out
Concave Cluster Pendant Silverbypost £40.00
Concave Textured Circle Pendant Silverbypost £53.00

Curva Silver Pendant Rachel Galley £99.00
Cut Heart Silver Pendant Reeves & Reeves £35.00
Forged Leaves in Circular Stem Collette Waudby £72.00

Five Petal Silver Pendant Silverbypost £48.00
Long Drop Pendant with a Rectangle Moonstone Silverbypost Sold Out
Melting Silver Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out £55.00

Mixed Leaf Pendant Collette Waudby £125.00 £130.00
One Poppy Pendant Chris Lewis Sold Out
Organic Silver Pendant Reeves & Reeves £42.00

Pearl Lustre Pendant Rachel Galley Sold Out
Peas in a Pod Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out
Pointed Heart Organic Pendant Chris Lewis £30.00

Reducing Ovals Pendant Chris Lewis Sold Out
Silver Coiled Shell Pendant Reeves & Reeves Sold Out
Silver Fir Cone Pendant Reeves & Reeves £35.00

Silver Frond Pendant Silverbypost £90.00
Silver Frozen Star Pendant Chris Lewis Sold Out
Silver Lattice Pebble Pendant Rachel Galley £75.00

Silver Lily and Pearl Pendant Silverbypost Sold Out
Banyan Silver Lily Pendant Banyan £86.00
Molto Silver Pendant Rachel Galley £135.00

Silver Moon Pendant Reeves & Reeves Sold Out
Silver Simple Flower Pendant Silverbypost £65.00
Silver Single Nest Pendulum Pendant Chris Lewis £45.00