Silver Necklaces

Necklaces from Silver by Post. Whether you want a statement necklace or something you can wear every day you are sure to find the right piece in our collection of sterling silver necklaces. Many of the items also have coordinating earrings, rings, bangles or bracelets and so can make them ideal as a gift.

Wire Ringlet Necklace Chris Lewis £185.00
Black Leather & Silver Tube Necklace Silverbypost £45.00
Ball and Chain Necklace Tara Kirkpatrick £179.00

Open Pebbles Necklace Silverbypost Sold Out
Waterfall Necklace Silverbypost £85.00
Symmetrical Dazzle Necklace Chris Lewis Sold Out

Poppy Necklace Chris Lewis £199.00
Open Leaf Necklace Chris Lewis £85.00
Symmetrical Day Necklace Chris Lewis £75.00

Allegro Silver Necklace Rachel Galley £125.00
Symmetrical Catwalk Necklace by Chris Lewis Chris Lewis Sold Out £380.00
Ovals Textured Necklace Chris Lewis £210.00

Closed Leaf Necklace Chris Lewis £85.00
Double Strand Butterfly and Pearl Necklace Banyan £61.00
Twig design Necklace Silverbypost Sold Out

Fireworks Necklace Silverbypost Sold Out
Bubbles Silver Necklace Reeves & Reeves £145.00
Silver Bark Necklace Reeves & Reeves Sold Out £225.00

Banyan Double Lily Necklace Banyan Sold Out
Chain Reaction Necklace Reeves & Reeves £105.00
Allegro Multi Globes Necklace Rachel Galley Sold Out

Silver Treasure Necklace Silverbypost £45.00
Olympia Silver Necklace Reeves & Reeves £110.00
Silver Twist Cube Necklace Silverbypost £49.00

Snowdrop Pearl Collar in Silver Rachel Galley £450.00
Silver Bauble Necklace Silverbypost £70.00
Winter Rain Necklace Chris Lewis £289.00 £345.00

Matchstick Necklace Silverbypost £209.00
Spiral Necklace by Chris Lewis Chris Lewis Sold Out
Chris Lewis Pattern Necklace SilverbyPost Sold Out

Chris Lewis Lily Pad Necklace Chris Lewis £179.00 £199.00