Gift Vouchers

E-Gift Vouchers are a wonderful way to give a Gift from our store. Send an immediate e-Gift Voucher for that birthday or special occasion.

Purchasing an e-Gift Voucher
When your order for the e-Gift Voucher is placed and the payment is authorised, an email will immediately be sent to your nominated email address along with the voucher code that your gift recipient will need to use to redeem the voucher. No actual card or paperwork will be issued. Its as easy and as quick as that!!!
Redeeming an e-Gift  Voucher
When a e-Gift Voucher code is redeemed, the recipient of your gift enters the code into the store’s “Apply Gift Voucher” code field.  This is done during the checkout process. The store will then place the voucher code’s value toward the user’s final purchase.  If there is a balance remaining, their electronic e-Gift Voucher code will remain available for use for one 12 months from the time of your initial purchase.  In other words, your recipient should use all of the balance you’ve given them within one year of your purchase.
Gift Voucher Zoo Portraits from £20.00